Hurley, 1972


Hurley, D.A. (1972) Observations in incubating walleye eggs. Progressive Fish-culturist, pp. 49-54

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Sander vitreus Egg Egg Buoyancy Dead eggs floated to the top Pelagic
Sander vitreus Egg Incubation time 26 days at 5.5-12.2°C 8.85 days
Sander vitreus Egg Temperature for incubation 5.5-13.9 [Mean temperature range from 42 to 57°F during the whole incubation] 9.7 °C
Sander vitreus Larvae Larvae behaviour As the young walleye began to hatch, they usually swam to the surface of the side-arm tube Demersal
Sander vitreus Larvae Sibling intracohort cannibalism Some cannibaslim was noted especially near the end of yolk absorption Absent
Sander vitreus Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption [9-12 days at 53-57°F or 11.5-15.5] 10.5 °C * day