Wolfert, 1969


Wolfert, D.R. (1969) Maturity and fecundity of walleyes from the eastern and western basins of Lake Erie. J. Fish. Res. Board Can., pp. 1877-88

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Sander vitreus Egg Oocyte diameter The mean diameter of ripe walleyes was 1.72 (range 1.40-2.04), earlier description was 2.12 [Not specified] 1.72 mm
Sander vitreus Female Age at sexual maturity Not females mature before age III and all matured by age V. Females from the eastern basin were about 50 and 92% mature at ages III and IV, respectively. Females from the western basin were about 85% mature at age III and almost 99% mature at age IV. Females from Lake Erie matured primarily at ages IV and possibly at V and few fish were mature at age II 3.0 year
Sander vitreus Female Length at sexual maturity The total length of the smallest mature female from the eastern basin was 433 mm; about 50% were mature at 450 mm and all were mature at 540 mm. The smallest mature female from the western basin was 378 mm long; 50% were mature at 430 mm and all were mature at 510 mm 433.0 cm
Sander vitreus Female Absolute fecundity 48-614 331.0 thousand eggs
Sander vitreus Male Age at sexual maturity All age-II males were mature in the eastern basin but only 96% of those in the western basin were mature 96.0 years