Leach and Houde, 1999


Leach, S.D. and Houde, E.D. (1999) Effects of environmental factors on survival, growth, and production of American shad larvae. Journal of fish biology, pp. 767-786

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Alosa sapidissima Egg Temperature for incubation Eggs required temperatures > 13°C. Incubation temperatures was 17°C 13.0 °C
Alosa sapidissima Larvae Temperature during larval development Required temperatures are in the range 15.5-26.1°C. Reared at 20°C 20.8 °C
Alosa sapidissima Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Feeding stage larvae was 6-8 days post-hatch at 19-20°C 7.0 °C * day