Wurtz-Arlet, 1950


Wurtz-Arlet, J. (1950) Quelques observations sur la biologie de la Vandoise Leuciscus leuciscus L. Bull. Fr. Pisci., pp. 14-18

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Leuciscus leuciscus Egg Egg adhesiveness Strongly adhesive on stones Adhesive
Leuciscus leuciscus Egg Incubation time 25 [At 13°C] and 28 [At 12°C] 25.0 days
Leuciscus leuciscus Egg Degree-days for incubation About 300-350 325.0 °C * day
Leuciscus leuciscus Egg Temperature for incubation 12-13 12.5 °C
Leuciscus leuciscus Egg Egg size after water-hardening About 1.5 [Eggs] 1.5 mm
Leuciscus leuciscus Larvae Temperature during larval development About 15 15.0 °C
Leuciscus leuciscus Larvae Reaction to light Slight preference for the mostly bright side of the aquarium Photopositive
Leuciscus leuciscus Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption After 10 days at about 15°C, the yolk sac is fully resorbed 10.0 °C * day
Leuciscus leuciscus Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding After 7 days at 15°C, fry start to eat 7.0 °C * day
Cyprinus carpio Larvae Initial larval size 4.5-5 4.75 mm
Leuciscus leuciscus Larvae Initial larval size 7.5 7.5 mm
Esox lucius Larvae Initial larval size 5.0 5.0 mm
Perca fluviatilis Larvae Initial larval size 4.8-5.0 4.9 mm
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Initial larval size 15 15.0 mm
Leuciscus leuciscus Larvae Larvae behaviour 24 hours after hatching, fry swim strongly in all directions Demersal