Dechauvelle and Coves, 1988


Dechauvelle, N. and Coves, D. (1988) The characteristics of sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) eggs : description, biochemical composition and hatching performance. Aquat. Living. Resour., pp. 223-230

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Egg size after water-hardening A perivitelline space appears, 15 to 60 minutes post oviposition, whether or not the eggs are fertilized. The mean diameter of egg was 1.2 mm with 1.07 and 1.32 mm at minimum and maximum values [Egg diameters described in other places as 1.07-1.32 in Brittany, 1.02-1.296 in the Mediterranean coast, 1.386 for the North Sea] 1.2 mm
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Egg Buoyancy The fecund egg is pelagic, spherical and translucent Pelagic
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Incubation time [Mean of 115 ± 5 hours [At 13°C], 81 ± 3 hours [15°C] and 72 ± 2 [17°C]] 115.0 days
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Temperature for incubation Eggs collected at 9.5-16.5°C, mostly 13-15°C 13.0 °C
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Degree-days for incubation 62 [13°C], 50 [15°C] and 51 [17°C] 62.0 °C * day