De Magalhaes and Ratton, 2005


de Magalhaes, A.L.B. and Ratton, T.F. (2005) Reproduction of a south American population of pumkinseed sunfish Lepomis gibbosus (Linnaeus) (Osterichthys, Centrachidae): a comparison with the European and North American populations. Revista Brasileira de Zoologia, pp. 477-483

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Lepomis gibbosus Egg Oocyte diameter Egg diameter in various studies: 1.06 [England, Cottesmore pond], 1.10 [Romania, Danube Delta], 0.76 [Spain, Banyoles Lake], 0.80 [Greece, Kerkini Lake], 0.79 [Brazil, Custodio's Dam], 1.00 [Canada, Lakes of east region], 0.80 [USA, Rhode Island ponds] 1.06 mm
Lepomis gibbosus Female Length at sexual maturity Length at maturity in various studies: 61.1 mm [England, Cottesmore pond], 75.0 [Romania, Danube Delta], 47.6 [Spain, Banyoles Lake], 50.0 [Brazil, Custodio's Dam], 74 [Canada, Warrens Lake], 84.0 [Canada, Black lake] 61.1 cm
Lepomis gibbosus Female Maximum GSI value GSI at peak months of spawning in various studies: 6.1% [England, Cottesmore pond], 9.0 [Romania, Danube Delta], 6.5 [Spain, Banyoles Lake], 6.4 [Brazil, Custodio's Dam], 9.3 [Canada, Warrens Lake], 6.9% [Canada, Black lake] 6.1 percent
Lepomis gibbosus Spawning conditions Spawning period duration Spawning months only for females: 2 [England, Cottesmore pond], 3 [Romania, Danube Delta], 4 [Spain, Banyoles Lake], 12 [Brazil, Custodio's Dam], 2 [Canada, Warrens Lake], 1 [Canada, Black lake] 2.0 weeks