Deacon and Keast, 1987


Deacon, L.I. and Keast, J.A. (1987) Patterns of reproduction in two populations of pumpkinseed sunfish, Lepomis gibbosus, with differing food resources. Env. Biol. Fish., pp. 281-296

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Lepomis gibbosus Egg Oocyte diameter The mean diameter of ripe eggs in ovaries of females in Upper Beverley Lake was 0.529 mm, signigficantly larger that 0.477 in Lower beverley Lake 0.53 mm
Lepomis gibbosus Female Age at sexual maturity Fish of both sexes began maturing in Lower Beverley Lake at age three and that more then 50% were mature at age six 3.0 year
Lepomis gibbosus Female Length at sexual maturity Females 138.03 ± 3.1826 for Lower Berveley Lake and 110.11 ± 2.6945 for Upper Beverley lake 138.03 cm
Lepomis gibbosus Female Relative fecundity Vary from 1844.5 eggs for females of 51.1 g [Age 5] to 10632.9 for females 125.8 g [Age 8] 1844.5 thousand eggs/kg
Lepomis gibbosus Female Absolute fecundity For all ages: 24510.7 for UBL and 21740.8 for LBL 24510.7 thousand eggs
Lepomis gibbosus Male Age at sexual maturity Ages of first maturity was 5.76 for males 1.0 years
Lepomis gibbosus Male Length at sexual maturity Females 147.17 ± 2.1847 for Lower Berveley Lake and 117.28 ± 1.7686 for Upper Beverley lake 147.17 cm
Lepomis gibbosus Male Male sexual dimorphism Males matured at a larger size than females in both lakes Absent