Will, 2002


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Morone saxatilis Spawning conditions Spawning water type Deltaic channels No category
Morone saxatilis Female Relative fecundity 46-86 [Fecundity measured are 201 000 [Mass 4300 g], 417 000 [Mass 5300 g], 704 000 [Mass 8500 g], 1390 [Mass 15 500 g]] 66.0 thousand eggs/kg
Morone saxatilis Spawning conditions Spawning migration distance Spawning occurs in several deltaic channels c. 16-50 km inland from the Atlantic Ocean in the freshwater portion 33.0 km
Morone saxatilis Egg Egg Buoyancy Planktonic Pelagic
Morone saxatilis Female Oocyte development Group-synchronous development Group-synchronous
Morone saxatilis Female Absolute fecundity Mean fecundity for striped bass were 349.095 ± 157.343 [Size class I] and 463.130 ± 192.302 [Size class II] 349.095 thousand eggs
Morone saxatilis Larvae Larvae behaviour Planktonic Demersal
Morone saxatilis Female Age at sexual maturity Most of the studies indicate that females do not mature until at least 4 years, and, in most cases, not until 5 years of age 4.0 year