Saat, 2003


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Barbatula barbatula Spawning conditions Spawning period duration 12-14 [England], 4 [Estonia] and 4 [Finland] 13.0 weeks
Barbatula barbatula Female Maximum GSI value 7.5-23.9 [November-December] and 16.3-24.6 [May] 15.7 percent
Barbatula barbatula Male Maximum GSI value 1.5-2 [Beginning of the spawning season] 1.75 percent
Barbatula barbatula Female Resting period 1 [Short] 1.0 months
Barbatula barbatula Male Main spermatogenesis activity August ['August']
Barbatula barbatula Female Onset of oogenesis The GSI remained low during July and early August and increased thereafter ['August', 'July']
Barbatula barbatula Female Intensifying oogenesis activity The dynamics of GSI values and oocyte diameters in Estonia suggests that gonad reach stage IV (gonads with full-grown oocytes) already by late autumn (November) ['October', 'November', 'December']
Barbatula barbatula Male Resting period 0.3-0.7 [Minimal value in mid-July, and by August GSI increased to about 1% and remained at this level until the next spring] 0.5 months
Barbatula barbatula Spawning conditions Spawning season Late April-Early August [England], May-June [Estonia], May and less June [Finland] ['April', 'August', 'May', 'June']
Barbatula barbatula Female Length at sexual maturity 5.2-6.7 5.95 cm
Barbatula barbatula Male Length at sexual maturity 5.1-6.6 5.85 cm
Barbatula barbatula Female Age at sexual maturity 2 2.0 year
Barbatula barbatula Spawning conditions Spawning release One period of spawning No category