Spivak et al, 1979


Spivak, E.G. and Pinus, G.N. and Sentishcheva, S.V. (1979) The Age Composition of the Spawning Population and the Characteristics of the Spawners Size-Age Structure and Fecundity of the Roach, Rutilus rutilus Spawning in Kakhovka Reservoir. Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 75-80

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Rutilus rutilus Female Age at sexual maturity 3-4 : minimal age (with n=3232) 3.5 year
Rutilus rutilus Female Length at sexual maturity 19.4 minimal size (n=3232) and mean=25.8 19.4 cm
Rutilus rutilus Female Weight at sexual maturity 0.175 minimal weight (n=3232) and mean=0.524 0.17 kg
Rutilus rutilus Female Relative fecundity 95-187 141.0 thousand eggs/kg
Rutilus rutilus Female Absolute fecundity 6.8-210 108.4 thousand eggs
Rutilus rutilus Male Age at sexual maturity 3 minimal age (with n=4543) 3.0 years
Rutilus rutilus Male Length at sexual maturity 17.5 minimal length (n=4543) and mean=24 17.5 cm
Rutilus rutilus Male Weight at sexual maturity 0.098 minimal weight (n=4543) and mean=0.319 0.1 kg