Van Damme et al, 1989


Van Damme, P. and Appelbaum, S. and Hecht, T. (1989) Sibling cannibalism in Koi carp, Cyprinus carpio L. larvae, and juveniles under controlled condition. . J. Fish. Biol., pp. 855-863

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Cyprinus carpio Larvae Temperature during larval development 28-29°C for carp koi 28.5 °C
Cyprinus carpio Larvae Sibling intracohort cannibalism Sibling cannibaslim started in populations with a mean total length of c. 10.2 mm (on the 9th day after the start of exogeneous feeding) and with a cannibal to prey length ratio of 1.8 (12.9:7.2 mm). In all aquaria, cannibalism ceased when a mean total length of c. 35 mm was attained (after c. 55 days). Cannibalism was found to be positvely density-dependent Present
Cyprinus carpio Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding At the start of exogeneous feeding the mean length of the Koi carp larvae was 6.6 mm [Deduced from graph, about 3 days after hatching at 28-29°C] 28.5 °C * day