Sysa, 2006


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Chondrostoma nasus Spawning conditions Spawning substrate Lay their eggs on pebble or sandy bottoms (lithophilic species) Ambiguous
Chondrostoma nasus Spawning conditions Spawning season The fish spawn in spring (April, May) ['April', 'May', 'June']
Chondrostoma nasus Larvae Temperature during larval development Larvae were reared at 18-20°C, until 21 days posthhatching 19.0 °C
Chondrostoma nasus Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption Endogenous feeding of the nase larvae lasted from hatching until 4 dph, mixed feeding from 4 to 9 dph, and beginning from 9 dph the fish fed exogenously (at 18-20°C) 19.0 °C * day
Chondrostoma nasus Larvae Initial larval size The average body length of newly hatched larvae was 8.22 ± 0.7 mm (TL) 8.22 mm