Wolnicki and Gorny, 1995


Wolnicki, J. and Gorny, W. (1995) Controlled rearing of ide (Leuciscus idus L.) larvae using live food and dry feed. Aquaculture, pp. 251-259

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Barbus barbus Larvae Initial larval size 12.2 [6 days old] 12.2 mm
Barbus barbus Larvae Temperature during larval development 25 25.0 °C
Leuciscus idus Larvae Initial larval size 8.1 [3 days after hatching] 8.1 mm
Leuciscus idus Larvae Temperature during larval development Reared at 25°C 25.0 °C
Leuciscus idus Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Beginning from day 3 after hatching the larvae (TL=8.1 at 25°C] were supplied exclusively with freshly hatched Artemia salina nauplii or exclusively commercial dry feed or both] 3.0 °C * day