Fredrich, 2003


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Aspius aspius Female Female sexual dimorphism Sex was not determined, as this was impossible without harming the fish, especially in the post-spawing season Absent
Aspius aspius Spawning conditions Spawning migration distance The migratory behaviour of asp was highly variable; 34 asp observed for more than 1 year lived in home ranges of 1 to > 100 stream kilometres mostly near their capture site. Longest observed migratrion from summer habitat in the Tidal Elbe back to the spawning ground in the middle of Elbe was 166 skm [To date, long upstream migrations (>50 km) from the lower river section are seldom observed] 50.0 km
Aspius aspius Spawning conditions Spawning season Late March/April ['March', 'April']