Kujawa et al, 2007


Kujawa, R. and Mamcarz, A. and Kucharczyk, D. (2007) Postembryonic development stages of asp Aspius aspius (L.). Polish Journal of Natural Sciences, pp. 239-245

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Aspius aspius Egg Temperature for incubation Fertilized eggs were incubated at constant temperature of 14°C 14.0 °C
Aspius aspius Larvae Initial larval size Length range mean 8.9 (range 7.9-9.3 mm), at day 1 8.6 mm
Aspius aspius Larvae Reaction to light The photoperiod was 18 h light and 6 h dark Photopositive
Aspius aspius Larvae Temperature during larval development Rearing temperature ranged from 14 and 18.7°C (mean 17.2°C) 14.0 °C
Aspius aspius Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Beginning of exogenous (mixed) feeding at 7 days at 14°C 7.0 °C * day