Dyubin, 2007


Dyubin, V.P. (2007) The state of the reproductive system in Caspian Inconnu Stenodus leucichthys (Salmoniformes, Coregonidae) with the sexual cycle completed under conditions of fish hatchery. Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 533-537

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Stenodus leucichthys Female Relative fecundity 23.74 ± 1.14 (group I, n = 12) and 21.24 ± 0.85 (group II, n =26) 23.74 thousand eggs/kg
Stenodus leucichthys Spawning conditions Spawning migration period The Caspian inconnu migration into the Volga mouth began in September-Ocotber when the water temperature decreased down to 18-19°C, and it went on 6-7 months ['September']
Stenodus leucichthys Spawning conditions Spawning temperature Spawning which occurred at the water temperature of 0.2-6.0°C 3.1 °C