Dumas and Marty, 2006


Dumas, J. and Marty, S. (2006) A new method to evaluate egg-to-fry survival in salmonids, trials with Atlantic salmon. Journal of Fish Biology, pp. 284-304

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salmo salar Egg Egg Buoyancy Occurs in the gravel of redds Demersal
Salmo salar Egg Incubation time The embryonic and larval development of Atlantic salmon Salmo salar L;, which occurs in the gravel of redds between December and the beginning of April at the sourthen edge of the species range No data
Salmo salar Larvae Temperature during larval development The mean daily temperatures of the Nivelle and spawning channel varied between 3.3°C shortly before hatching at the end of January and 12.7°C during emergence in mid-March 3.3 °C
Salmo salar Spawning conditions Spawning substrate The substratum consisted of a 0.6 m thick layer of 10-80 mm graded cobble and gravel, an optimum particle range for Atlantic salmon redds Lithophils