Chernyaev, 2007


Chernyaev, Zh.A. (2007) Factors and possible mechanisms causing changes in the rate of embryonic development of bony fish (with reference to Coregonidae). Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 494-503

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Coregonus lavaretus Egg Incubation time The time of the onset and average duration (days) of the same stages of embryonic development of Coregonus lavaretus baunti 78-81 and duration : 79; and Coregonus lavaretus 200-220, and duration 210. 79.5 days
Coregonus lavaretus Egg Temperature for incubation The eggs of coregonids are adpated to development under extremely low values of water temperature (0.1-0.5°C) and even when embebded in the ice 0.3 °C
Coregonus lavaretus Larvae Reaction to light Having a positive phototaxis, larval coregonids migrating dowstream from the spawning grounds move to this high-productive grounds Photopositive