Woods III and Sullivan, 1993


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Morone saxatilis Male Onset of spermatogenesis Males initiated spermiogenesis by late september and spermiation by late February or early March ['February', 'March']
Morone saxatilis Female Resting period In summer, females had nothing more than primaryt growth oocytes No data
Morone saxatilis Female Onset of oogenesis Vitellogenic from late October. E2 and T levels covaried in females and were low in summer, increased by late October to intermediate levels maintained until January, and increased again to maximum values observed just prior to the spawning season. ['January', 'September', 'August', 'July', 'October']
Morone saxatilis Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Final oocyte maturation in late April and May ['April', 'May']
Morone saxatilis Egg Oocyte diameter Fully mature and ovulated oocytes have a diameter of approximatively 1-1.2 mm before water hardening 1.1 mm