Mylonas et al, 1997


Mylonas, C.C. and Woods III, L.C. and Zohar, Y. (1997) Cyto-histological of post-vitellogenesis and final oocyte maturation in captive-reared stripped bass. Journal of fish biology, pp. 34-49

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Morone saxatilis Egg Oocyte diameter Mean ooocyte diameter from all females at the second sampling (20 March) was 0.838 +/- 0.018 mm. When oocytes completed FOM and were ovulated (1.131 +/- 0.020 mm in diameter) 0.84 mm
Morone saxatilis Spawning conditions Spawning temperature In the Chesapeeke Bay, females undergoing FOM can be found at temperatures as low as 13°C, whereas spawning takes place at water temperatures of 16-20°C 18.0 °C