Zholdasova and Guseva, 1987


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Silurus glanis Egg Egg adhesiveness Adhesive [This adhesive membrane ensures the development of the released eggs attached to substrate] Adhesive
Silurus glanis Male Onset of spermatogenesis End of July-August ['August', 'July']
Silurus glanis Male Maximum GSI value May reach 0.94%, but mean is 0.38% 0.94 percent
Silurus glanis Male Main spermatogenesis activity September ['September']
Silurus glanis Male Resting period 0.12-0.25% at the end of July [June-July] 0.185 months
Silurus glanis Male Spermatogenesis duration 2 months [July to September] 2.0 months