Tansichuk and Mackay, 1989


No detailed citation.

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Perca flavescens Female Maximum GSI value Mean 14, range 12-14 [March, but note that authors suspect that the Gsi's of yellow perch collected near to spawning (April-May) would have been higher] 13.0 percent
Perca flavescens Male Onset of spermatogenesis GSI increased significantly in August [Testes composition did not change between Septemner and March] ['August', 'March']
Perca flavescens Male Maximum GSI value 5% in September 5.0 percent
Perca flavescens Female Resting period <1% from July to August 1.0 months
Perca flavescens Male Main spermatogenesis activity August: one month ['August']
Perca flavescens Female Onset of oogenesis Began increasing in August and then increased siginificantly from October through March ['October', 'August', 'March']
Perca flavescens Female Intensifying oogenesis activity March, but lacks evidence … ['March']
Perca flavescens Male Resting period Below 1%, in June and July 1.0 months