Dabrowski, 1996


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Perca flavescens Female Maximum GSI value 22 in wild populations and up to 30.9% in cultured perch 22.0 percent
Perca flavescens Male Onset of spermatogenesis Fast growth of the testes during autumn, begin in September and remain high until spring ['April', 'May', 'September', 'December', 'June', 'October', 'November']
Perca flavescens Female Oogenesis duration Period of ova growth and vitellogenesis = 200 days, followed by a short stage of final maturation of oocytes and ovulation (few days) 200.0 months
Perca flavescens Male Maximum GSI value No value [November] No data
Perca flavescens Female Age at sexual maturity 2 [Sex specified, rarely at 1] 2.0 years
Perca flavescens Female Resting period May until August No data
Perca flavescens Female Onset of oogenesis Active growth of ova starts in early september and formation of yolk in November ['November']
Perca flavescens Female Oocyte development Synchronous oocyte growth Synchronous
Perca flavescens Male Spermatogenesis duration Spermatigenesis is completed by December No data
Perca flavescens Female Weight at sexual maturity 30-40 g 35.0 kg
Perca flavescens Male Weight at sexual maturity 5-6 g 5.5 kg
Perca flavescens Female Age at sexual maturity 3-4 [Sex specified] 3.5 year
Perca flavescens Spawning conditions Spawning release Total spawner Total
Perca flavescens Spawning conditions Parity Iteroparous Iteroparous