Dembski et al, 2006


Dembski, S. and Masson, G. and Monnier, D. and Wagner, P. and Pihan, J.C. (2006) Consequences of elevated temperatures on life-history traits of an introduced fish, pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus. Journal of fish biology, pp. 331-346

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Lepomis gibbosus Female Age at sexual maturity Female mean age at maturity: 3.4 years [Ontario Lakes, Canada], 3.9 years [Cottesmore Pond, England], 1.8 year [Rhône River, Delta canals, France], 1.0 [Mirgenbach Reservoir, Moselle, France] 3.4 year
Lepomis gibbosus Female Length at sexual maturity Female mean age at maturity: 100 mm [Ontario Lakes, Canada], 78.5 mm [Cottesmore Pond, England], 70.7 mm [Rhône River, Delta canals, France], 76.6 mm [Mirgenbach Reservoir, Moselle, France] 100.0 cm
Lepomis gibbosus Female Maximum GSI value Female mean IG: 5.6% [Ontario Lakes, Canada], 6.1%[Cottesmore Pond, England], 6.3% [Rhône River, Delta canals, France], 7.8% [Mirgenbach Reservoir, Moselle, France] 5.6 percent
Lepomis gibbosus Spawning conditions Spawning site preparation Male buils and defend nests No category
Lepomis gibbosus Spawning conditions Parity Longevity: 9 years [Ontario Lakes, Canada], 5 years [Cottesmore Pond, England], 3-7 years [Rhône River, Delta canals, France], 3 years [Mirgenbach Reservoir, Moselle, France] No category