Treasurer, 1990


Treasurer, J.W. (1990) The annual reproductive cycle of pike, Esox lucius L., in two Scottish lakes. Journal of Fish Biology, pp. 29-46

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning period duration Spawning occurred in the first two weeks of April. In any one yeare spawning was usually over 2 weeks maximum 2.0 weeks
Esox lucius Female Maximum GSI value Mean 8.98, range 3.81-11.28 [In L. Kinord], 8.32, range 7.42-8.92 [L. Davan], 4.0-8.7 [L. Skene], 15-20 [Windermere], 17 [Slapton Ley] 7.545 percent
Esox lucius Male Onset of spermatogenesis Late August ['August']
Esox lucius Female Relative fecundity 11-19 [In Lake Kniord], 10-24 [L. Davan], 9-15 [L. Skene], 27.3-39.3 [Windermere] 15.0 thousand eggs/kg
Esox lucius Male Maximum GSI value Mean 0.94, range 0.84-1.05 [In L. Kinord], 1.14, range 0.99-1.20 [L. Davan] both in March, 2-4 [Windermere], 2 [Slapton Ley] 0.945 percent
Esox lucius Female Age at sexual maturity Male first spawned at 2 years in both lakes [Other studies: mostly 2, once 1 or 3] 2.0 years
Esox lucius Female Resting period April until August No data
Esox lucius Male Main spermatogenesis activity September October ['October', 'September']
Esox lucius Female Onset of oogenesis August-September ['August', 'September']
Esox lucius Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Increase regularly during the winter, mainly in January-February ['February', 'March', 'January']
Esox lucius Male Resting period The index declined to 0.04-0.08 after spawning in early April and rose from late August 0.06 months
Esox lucius Egg Oocyte diameter The range in corrected egg diameter would be 2.14-3.13 in March, unfertilized egg 2.635 mm
Esox lucius Female Absolute fecundity 2620-121092 [In Lake Kniord], 2933-104459 [L. Davan], 3877-18501 [L. Skene] 61856.0 thousand eggs
Esox lucius Spawning conditions Spawning season Occurred between 17 March when all females examined (N=12) were foudn to be gravid and 16 April when all (N=13) were spent ['April', 'March']
Esox lucius Female Length at sexual maturity The smallest female on first spawning were 28 cm but some females of age 2 < 32 m were observed to be immature. The range in observed length of females at age 3 was 29-36 cm at Kinord and 44-51 cm at Davan [other studie both both sex: range from 30 to 119 cm] 32.5 cm
Esox lucius Male Length at sexual maturity Length of 27 cm [Other studies both sex range from 30-119 cm] 74.5 cm
Esox lucius Female Age at sexual maturity All females were mature at age 3 and a proportion in both lakes was mature at age 2 [in toher studies, range between from 1/4, 2 and 2/3] 3.0 year