Koc, 2007


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Leuciscus cephalus Spawning conditions Spawning temperature In various areas: 12-28°C (Müceldi Stream), 15-23°C (Savur Stream), 16-23°C (Aras River), 14-19°C (Oltu Stream) and 16-18°C (Ikizcetepeler Dam Lake) 20.0 °C
Leuciscus cephalus Female Intensifying oogenesis activity During spring (March-May), an obviously rapid growth of gonads occurred until the next spawning. Differences between values according to months, especially Apriln are statistically significant ['April', 'March', 'May', 'June']
Leuciscus cephalus Spawning conditions Spawning season Spawning occurred between April and May […] Other studies : mainly in May and June, but also as late as September (in Kizilirmak River), or as early as April ['April', 'September', 'May', 'June']