Kestemont, 1990


Kestemont, P. (1990) Dynamic aspects of ovogenesis in an asynchronous fish, the gudgeon Gobio gobio L. (Teleostei, Cyprinidae), under controlled temperature and photoperiod conditions. Aquatic living resources/Ressources vivantes aquatiques, pp. 61-74

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Gobio gobio Female Oocyte development Develops oocyes asynchronously Asynchronous
Gobio gobio Female Onset of oogenesis In October, all fishes were at the same stage of development and only contained stage 1 and 2 ooctyes. Stage 3, reached in November, continued until April as the most advanced stage. ['April', 'October', 'November']
Gobio gobio Female Intensifying oogenesis activity Enlargement of ooctyes by accumulation of yolk globules caused a marked increase in GSI in May ['May']
Gobio gobio Female Maximum GSI value 13.5 [End of May in the control group] 13.5 percent
Gobio gobio Female Resting period From July, the ovary started a recovery phase and only contained stage 1 and 2 ooctyes. One ot two months of quiscence following summer spawning 1.0 months