Palikova and Krejci, 2006


Palikova, M. and Krejci, R. (2006) Artificial stripping and embryonic development of the common gudgeon (Gobio gobio L.) and its use in embryo-larval tests - a pilot study. Czech Journal of Animal Sciences, pp. 174-180

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Gobio gobio Egg Oocyte diameter Unfertilized and not swollen fish eggs measured 1.24 mm on average, with the mean range from 1.17 to 1.32 mm (and their mass averaged 0.70 mg; 0.67 to 0.78) 1.24 mm
Gobio gobio Egg Egg size after water-hardening Fertilized fish eggs in a swollen stated had 1.51 mm (1.42-1.62) in diameter and their mass was 1.48 mg on average (1.22-1.87) 1.52 mm
Gobio gobio Egg Egg adhesiveness Fish eggs were unsticked enzymatically using alcalase for three minutes Adhesive
Gobio gobio Egg Incubation time The hatching of eggs from females not treated hormonally started on average 71 hours after fertilization with the range of 66 to 79 hours. Most eggs hatched within 39 hours from the start of hatching. All embryos hatched within 136 hours after fertilization. 71.0 days
Gobio gobio Egg Temperature for incubation Fish eggs were incubated at 21 ± 0.3°C 21.0 °C