Mickaels, 1988


Mickaels, V.K. (1988) Carp farming., pp.

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Cyprinus carpio Egg Egg Buoyancy Demersal [eggs which fail to attach themselves to something will fall to the bottom of the pond and perish] Demersal
Cyprinus carpio Egg Egg adhesiveness Adhesive [Attch themselves to foliages or to roots] Adhesive
Cyprinus carpio Egg Incubation time 6-10 [Natural conditions] 8.0 days
Cyprinus carpio Male Male sexual dimorphism Develop pimples on the gills Present
Cyprinus carpio Spawning conditions Spawning substrate Foliage or roots No category
Cyprinus carpio Spawning conditions Nycthemeral period of oviposition Courtship starts early in the morning, about 6-7 am and finishes about noon Day