Matlak, 1970


Matlak, O. (1970) Artificial reproduction of carp., pp. 1-20

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Cyprinus carpio Egg Oocyte diameter Average diameter of unfertilized eggs immediatly after spawning was 1.2-1.6 mm (mean1.3 mm) 1.4 mm
Cyprinus carpio Egg Egg size after water-hardening After fertilization and swelling the diameter was 2.1-2.5 mm (mean 2.3 mm) 2.3 mm
Cyprinus carpio Egg Incubation time Time from egg activation to mass hatching,in hours was: 75 [At 19.2-22.4°C], 126 [At 18-20.9°C], 171.5 [At 14.7-20.9°C] 20.8 days
Cyprinus carpio Egg Temperature for incubation Long periods of temperatures of <16°C are detrimental for embryonic development. Carp embryos are more sensitive to low temperatures than larvae. Carp larvae hatched from eggs that had been exposed to 14-17°C had shortened body trunk, curvature of tail and large unresorbed yolk sac 15.5 °C
Cyprinus carpio Larvae Initial larval size Total length of newly hatched larvae is 5.6-6.3 mm (mean 5.7 mm); length of head is 1.0-1.4 mm (mean 1.2 mm), body weight is about 1 mg 5.95 mm