Bebak et al, 2000


Bebak, J. and Hankins, J.A. and Summerfelt, S.T. (2000) Effect of temperature on survival of eyed eggs and alevins of Arctic char. North American Journal of Aquaculture [N. Am. J. Aquacult.], pp. 139-143

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salvelinus alpinus Egg Temperature for incubation When incubation temperature is held constant from fertilization through hatch, mortality is lowest at 3-6°C and increases abruptly at temperatures above 8°C 4.5 °C
Salvelinus alpinus Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Temperature was increased to 11.5°C when fish were free swimming and feeding at about 630 DD posthatch 11.5 °C * day