Fornies et al, 2001


Forniés, M.A. and Mananos, E. and Carrillo, M. and Rocha, A. and Laureau, S. and Mylonas, C.C. and Zohar, Y. and Zanuy, S. (2001) Spawning induction of individual european sea bass females (Dicentrarchus labrax) using different GnRHa-delivery systems. Aquaculture, pp. 221-234

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Egg Buoyancy Buoyant Pelagic
Dicentrarchus labrax Egg Temperature for incubation Incubated at 15°C 15.0 °C
Dicentrarchus labrax Female Relative fecundity Relative fecundity in all GnRHa groups was high, being 542000 ± 79000, 420000 ± 50000 and 410000 ± 37000 542000.0 thousand eggs/kg