Burke, 1984


No detailed citation.

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Ameiurus nebulosus Female Maximum GSI value 9.05 [Late May] 9.05 percent
Ameiurus nebulosus Male Onset of spermatogenesis Beginning of April ['April']
Ameiurus nebulosus Male Maximum GSI value 0.218 (Mid-May until End of June) 0.218 percent
Ameiurus nebulosus Female Resting period 6-7 [No significant differences between November to April] 6.5 months
Ameiurus nebulosus Male Main spermatogenesis activity Mid-April-Mid-May ['April', 'May']
Ameiurus nebulosus Female Onset of oogenesis Beginning of May [increase later than males, not until the temperature reach 16°C] ['May']
Ameiurus nebulosus Female Intensifying oogenesis activity May ['May']
Ameiurus nebulosus Male Resting period From 0.100 (September) to 0.158 (mid-April), with no significant differences between the mean values 0.1 months