Benz and Jacobs, 1986


Benz, G.W. and Jacobs, R.P. (1986) Pratical field methods of sexing largemouth bass. The Progressive Fish-Culturist, pp. 221-225

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Micropterus salmoides Male Male sexual dimorphism The genital papilla method (i.e.the presence on females and the absence on males of a genital papilla, a redish protuberance surronding the urogenital papilla) was successufl during the spring but only 48% successful during the fall. The shape of the urogenital opening (round in males, ovale in females) was a poor indicator of sex (53% of the fish were sexed correctly). Probing the urogenital opening was the best single method; it provided success rates of 90% (probe depth) and 94/ (probe length) Absent