Kompowski et Neja, 2004


Kompowski, A. and Neja, Z. (2004) Fecundity of asp Aspius aspius (L., 1758) from Miedzyodrze (Poland) waters. Bulletin of the Sea Fisheries Institute, Gdynia [Bull. Sea Fish. Inst. Gdynia]. ., pp. 23-30

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Aspius aspius Female Maximum GSI value The highest average values of this index among females 12.07 occurred at the end of March. This is also when the maximum individual value of this index was observed 20.73 (range 0.22-20.73) 10.475 percent
Aspius aspius Male Onset of spermatogenesis September-October ['October', 'September']
Aspius aspius Female Relative fecundity Mean 70.53 ± 13.20, range 35.11 to 107.94 70.53 thousand eggs/kg
Aspius aspius Male Maximum GSI value 2.02 [April] 2.02 percent
Aspius aspius Female Age at sexual maturity 4-5 [Male], only only one at 3 4.5 years
Aspius aspius Female Resting period 1.61 [Between May to August] 1.61 months
Aspius aspius Male Main spermatogenesis activity December to March ['March', 'December']
Aspius aspius Female Onset of oogenesis During the fall from September to November, the average GSI value rose sharply to a level close to that seen in the pre-spawning period ['November', 'September']
Aspius aspius Male Resting period 0.14 [August] 0.14 months
Aspius aspius Male Spermatogenesis duration From September to April No data
Aspius aspius Female Absolute fecundity Mean of 158.526 ± 56.659 [Range 63,044 in females 43.3 cm in length and 324,833 in female 64.3 cm length] [Absolute fecundities in other populations: 16-269, 48.3-121.9, 52.2-212.8, 67.6-189.0, 73.5-366.5, 63-324.8] 158.526 thousand eggs
Aspius aspius Spawning conditions Spawning season First half of April in Polish part and as earlt as March in German part ['April', 'March']
Aspius aspius Female Length at sexual maturity 37.32-45.47 [Female] 41.395 cm
Aspius aspius Male Length at sexual maturity 39.20-45.09 [Male] 42.145 cm
Aspius aspius Female Age at sexual maturity 4-5 [Female] 4.5 year