Formicki, 2004


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Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Onset of exogeneous feeding Freely swimming fry, a few days after the yolk had been completely resorbed, the fry had already strated actively feeding and were behaving as fully formed organisms. The fry measured 25-35 mm 30.0 °C * day
Salmo trutta fario Larvae Larvae behaviour From hatch until two-thirds of the yolk sac was resorbed, this time intervalwas deliberately selected because from hatch until two-thirds of the yolk sac has been resorbed, the trout larvae, or -strickly speaking-, eleutherembryo, excessevely weighted by the yolk sac, stays immobile and close to the bottom and performs only slight movement in the water column Demersal