Knaepkens et al, 2004


Knaepkens, G. and Bruyndoncx, L. and Coeck, J. and Eens, M. (2004) Spawning habitat enhancement in the European bullhead (Cottus gobio), an endangered freshwater fish in degraded lowland rivers. Biodiversity and Conservation, pp. 2443-2452

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Cottus gobio Spawning conditions Spawning migration distance During the spawning season, the proportion of fish that movedand the distances travelled(SPB: between 10 and 90, mean 26 +/- 3m; LB: between 30 and 260 m,mean 133 +/-3 m) were significantly larger 26.0 km
Cottus gobio Spawning conditions Spawning site preparation It uses cavities underneath stones for nesting. The ripe female enter the male's nest and lays her eggs on the ceiling No category