Soriguer et al, 2000


Soriguer, M.C. and CVallespin, C. and Gomez-Cama, C. and Hernando, J.A. (2000) Age, diet, growth and reproduction of a population of Cobitis paludica 'de Buen, 1930) in the Palancar Stream (southwest of Europe, Spain) (Pisces: Cobitidae). Hydrobiologia, pp. 51-58

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Cobitis paludica Female Age at sexual maturity 2-3 [Most at 3, but some as 1, female] 2.5 year
Cobitis paludica Male Age at sexual maturity 1-2 [Most at 2 and 3, male specified] 1.5 years