Grizzle, 1985


Grizzle, J.M. (1985) Chapter 6 Reproductive Biology., pp. 229-282

Associated characteristics

Species Development state Trait Primary Data Secondary Data
Ictalurus punctatus Spawning conditions Mating system By pair Monogamy
Ictalurus punctatus Spawning conditions Parental care After spawning is complete, the male protects the eggs by driving away other fish including the female, the male fans his eggs with his fins [The male continue to guard the young fish for a few days after they hatch] Male parental care
Ictalurus punctatus Spawning conditions Spawning substrate Hollow logs or cavities in tha bank No category
Ictalurus punctatus Spawning conditions Spawning site preparation Male, chooses a spawning, removes silt from the spawning site and defends a territory established around the nest area No category
Ictalurus punctatus Spawning conditions Spawning water type Ponds Stagnant water
Ictalurus punctatus Female Female sexual dimorphism Female retain the general appereance of juveniles except for the larger abdomen related to the increase of ovarian size Present
Ictalurus punctatus Female Maximum GSI value 15.6 for prespawning females 15.6 percent
Ictalurus punctatus Male Male sexual dimorphism Changes in the external features of sexually active channel catfish occur primarily in males: these changes include widening of the head, increased subcutaneous tissue on dorsal head, and darker skin color. Present
Ictalurus punctatus Egg Egg adhesiveness Fertilized egg are adhesive and form an egg mass Adhesive
Ictalurus punctatus Egg Incubation time 5-10 days 7.5 days
Ictalurus punctatus Male Maximum GSI value Averages 0.88 during July and 0.69 during November 0.88 percent
Ictalurus punctatus Egg Egg size after water-hardening The fertilized egg are about 3.5 but range up to 5.1 3.5 mm
Ictalurus punctatus Larvae Full yolk-sac resorption 5-16 days after hatching, young have exhausted the yolk 10.5 °C * day
Ictalurus punctatus Spawning conditions Spawning release Spawning lasted 4-6 h with about 9 releases of eggs per hour No category